5 Basic questions to ask when looking for a rental!


When searching for a rental, Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the details. When looking at rentals try to narrow it down to 5 basic questions. This way you can keep it simple and narrow down the home  that is right for you.


1.Is the property Pet-Friendly?pet friendly

At House 2 Rent we do have some homes that are pet friendly. However they do have restrictions that vary by owner and insurance policies. Be honest about the size, breed, and number of animals. There is nothing worse than setting your eyes on a home where you cannot bring your four-legged friend along.

2. Who is responsible for lawn care?lawnmower-384589__340

This is a must ask question. Most houses require the tenant to take care of lawn maintenance. As with most apartments lawn maintenance is included. Knowing who is responsible can save you time and money.

3.Is the dryer electric or gas?washing-machine-2668472__340

Many of us already have our own washers and dryer sets. Asking about what hook-ups the home has are vital. Not knowing could leave you buying a new appliances.

4.Who do I call for maintenance and what am I responsible for?homerepairman

Knowing who to call is vital for anyone who is renting. If the home is managed by a company such as House 2 Rent. you will want to have their number on hand. If the owner chooses to manage themselves you will need to call them directly. It is also crucial to know when making the phone call is necessary. Knowing what you are responsible for will help you determine if the call is necessary.

5.Is it ok to paint?paint-933395_960_720

Some owners will allow for you to paint ,with restrictions. However if the home has recently been remodeled it is likely they will not allow it. Painting without asking the owner could leave you without your deposit being returned.






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